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Client Reviews and Testimonials


Comments from the Professional Conference Management Association evaluations:

  • "Amazing!  Inspiring!"

  • "You are a rock star."

  • "Awesome!"

  • "Wonderful speaker."

  • "Great presentation."


"We were privileged to listen to Yonason for our team meeting. He delivered his remarks virtually through Teams as most of us are still remote. EXCELLENT presentation! It surpassed even my lofty expectations. His program was both highly relevant to today's environment AND timeless.


Thank you, Yonason!"

Kristin Bolton, Vice President

Fidelity National Title

“We had the privilege of having Yonason Goldson present on ethics at our Winter Professional Development Conference. He was well received by police command officers who are generally skeptical of a non-cop civilian teaching them anything about ethics. Rabbi Goldson was witty, entertaining, and thought-provoking. It was nice to have a different viewpoint on a topic that is critical, not just to our profession, but to our everyday lives.”

Chief Neal Rossow, retired

Director of Professional Development, Michigan Association of Police Chiefs

Comments from the Michigan Association of Police Chiefs conference evaluations:

  • "Insightful and entertaining."

  • "I loved his sense of humor."

  • "Visionary."

  • "Outstanding communicator."

  • "I recommend this presentation to all."

"Yonason spoke at our Missouri Health Care Association 70th Annual Convention this past August. We received a lot of really great feedback about his session. He was great to work with in the planning process, always prompt and friendly. I will definitely keep Yonason on our list of go-to speakers!"

Shauna Frank 

Education, Meetings & Events Coordinator


More comments from the Missouri Health Care Association annual conference evaluations:

  • "Excellent presentation; very engaging. I did not look at my cell phone once."​

  • "Loved it… best of the conference!"​

  • "Thank you for a wonderful presentation! Truly enlightening!"

"Yonason Goldson’s keynote presentation on ethics was one of the best presentations on the subject I have attended.  The way in which he presented the material was extremely pertinent to the work behavior consultants in the field do.  Rabbi Goldson was interactive and funny during his presentation, which always helps keep attention of conference participants!"

Gina Wilson Schenk, MSW, LCSW

Executive Director, Indiana Association of Behavioral Consultants

Evaluations from attendees at the Indiana Association of Behavioral Consultants conference described Yonason Goldson as:

  • "Engaging, entertaining, and delightful."

  • "Humorous and wise."

  • "Eye-opening and thought-provoking."

  • "Motivating and uplifting!"

  • "Adorable."


"I was privileged to attend an ethics seminar from Rabbi Goldson through our local IIA chapter. His use of story-telling to drive home the principles of ethics made his seminar the most enjoyable one I've attended. I was inspired to rethink my own behaviors and reprioritize steps I need to take to be a better employee and leader. If you have an opportunity to listen to one of his seminars, you will surely be inspired as well."

Lori Schlegel, CPA, CIA

Audit Manager at WaterOne

"As president of Leaders Excellence at Harvard Square, it is my pleasure to give my highest recommendation to our honorary member Yonason Goldson. His online presentation provided our members with a deeper appreciation of ethical thinking and decision-making while engaging them with new insights, compelling stories, and humor.​"

Dan Hoeyer

Founder & President of Leaders Excellence at Harvard Square

"I just wanted to say I truly enjoyed the program today.  Yonason Goldson is not only filled with great knowledge and wisdom, but delivers a message with timeless conviction and grounded basis relevant for today.  He could easily be a speaker again.  Given the broad nature of his topics, he may be an excellent Member Meeting Speaker that could draw a wide management base down the road.  I am going to guess he can go much deeper with challenging elements to highly engage his audience.


It is easy to see why he can deliver leading results."

Audience evaluation from ASQ Cincinnati ethics program.

"What a super cool guy!"

Mary Lou Kayser

Host, Play Your Position podcast


Dear Rabbi Goldson,

"LOVED your talk. Wow, it is so captivating, interesting, thoughtful, and profound. Your message teaches us to be open to those who may not immediately look as if we will connect.

Your scripting, delivery, and natural humor made this a rewarding and nurturing experience to listen to it.  Congratulations!"

Patricia Fripp, CSP

Hall of Fame Speaker

Past President, National Speakers Association

“This interview blessed my whole spirit up, in, and through. That is how juicy good this interview was. Listen to me: this was amazing…


"I cannot express to you how amazing it was. In the face of all the racial unrest and the misunderstanding that is happening in the world today… listen to me: this conversation right here, if we could get this to the powers that be, I think we would all be moving into a direction of more understanding, clarity, and acceptance....


"My soul is still vibrating at a higher level...


"This is my new favorite interview.”

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon

Host, Leverage Your Incredible Factor Business Podcast

"Yonason spoke to our Chamber of Commerce Networking meeting and he was totally engaging and got rave reviews from our members. I highly recommend him as a speaker and his message is so needed in the business world."

Rebecca Now

Executive Director, Webster Groves Chamber of Commerce

"Yonason presented a session about Ethics at the Nebraska Home Care Association Annual Conference. Our members were very pleased with his presentation and how he challenged and inspired them.  I would highly recommend Yonason as a keynote speaker."

Janet Seelhoff, CAE

Executive Director, NHCA

What attendees at the Nebraska Home Care Association conference said about Yonason Goldson:

  • "Amazing, upbeat, made learning fun."

  • "Genuine, courageous."

  • "Awesome speaker with great knowledge."

  • "Wish all our staff could hear him speak."

  • "What a great way to start the day."

"Here's the great piece:  Yonason's presence did not teach; it actually modeled.  We don't want a speaker to teach us something; we want him to have us think.  And Yonason through his speech did just that.  From the time he stepped on stage to the time he ended it, the audience was excited, engaged, and listening... which is really what his speech was about -- open-minded listening.  Don't we all need that?"


Bob Kittridge

Behavior Performance Consultant

Kittridge Connection, Inc., Colorado Springs

From the Long Term Care Educators Association Festival of Learning:

  • "Best speaker ever!"

  • "Very engaging and relevant!"

  • "Excellent speaker."

  • "Loved him!!  Wonderful speaker!  Kept my interest the whole time."

  • "Fantastic speaker!  Very enlightening."

"I was fascinated by Yonason's background as a rabbi and a speaker, which led to an insightful conversation about the impact of ethics. He had a real impact on me. I immediately liked him. He has a very open way about him that draws you in and makes you want to learn more."

Dr. Diane Hamilton

CEO of Tonerra

Nationally syndicated radio host

Dear Rabbi Goldson:

“THANK YOU! YOU’RE BRILLIANT; I appreciated your thoughtful, concise answers. I especially enjoyed  the manner in which you delivered them. I would like to do this again and hope you would be willing. I was blown away by your … closing statement/advice.  Bravo!”

Crane Durham

Nationally syndicated radio host

Comments on Yonason Goldson's TEDx talk:

  • "I really dig this speaker; never expected something so real from a rabbi."

  • ​"WOW! Wonderful! So many gems of wisdom throughout."

  • "Man what a great talk, I was kind of expecting a dogmatic approach of a religious man, but no. This was a surprise in many ways."

  • "I was mesmerized with your style waiting for what you were going to say next. Nicely done!"

  • "He is like the Jewish Wayne Dyer."



​Dear Rabbi Goldson,

“It is a great pleasure for me to congratulate you [on] your excellence as a speaker.  I am sure that with your ability to speak so clearly on substantive concepts and to present them in a useful and highly intelligible way that you are able to speak in an engaging and informative way on many topics, an impression I also have from your published works.   You have a very pleasing way of speaking and a sense of humor that works well in engaging your audiences.  I also admired the way in which you connected facts and concepts and used your mastery of the subject to field a good range of questions from the audience in a skillful way.

Personally, I greatly enjoyed working with you, and it would be a pleasure to do so again, or to help in any way that I could as time goes by.”

Peter H. Raven, President Emeritus

Missouri Botanical Garden

St. Louis, MO

Recently, Yonason was a guest on the "Something Extra" podcast. I found our time together to be so enriching and relevant to the challenges we are facing today in business as well as society in general. If you are looking for either an inspirational keynote speaker, a thought-provoking conversation or a podcast guest, make sure you reach out to Yonason - you and your team will be better for it.

Lisa Nichols

CEO, Technology Partners, St. Louis

"Yonason is a dynamic, engaging, and thought-provoking speaker who really knows how to connect deeply with his audience.  You'll come away from his talks and workshops inspired and eager to deepen your own search.  He is especially wonderful speaking in college and university settings."

Michael Alcee

Adjunct Professor, College Counselor, Psychologist, and TEDx Presenter

Tarrytown, NY

"Yonason shared truly valuable information in an easy, engaging way. I really enjoyed our conversation and learned a lot! And I know my audience finds value in his expertise. I highly recommend him."

Diane Helbig

Accelerate Your Business Growth podcast

(Featured on's list of 100 Podcasts That Will Make You Smarter, Better, and Wiser)

"Our group of senior care industry professionals was engaged and entertained while learning crucial information on acceptance and understanding. I have had several requests to invite Rabbi Goldson back again!"

Lila Shepley

Certified Senior Care Manager

A+ Advantage Aging, St. Louis

"Thank you very much for your presentation of “Ethical Affluence” at our recent conference. You were engaging and entertaining while not compromising your message.
Our attendees rated the presentation a 3.7 out of 4. It was a winner. Thanks again."


Marvin Howard
Executive Director

International Beverage Dispensing Equipment Association

“It was great having Yonason Goldson as our speaker. He took the time to tailor his remarks to our audience and was inspiring and struck a relevant chord with the entire group of people.  A highly engaging and thought-provoking speaker, he made you think of practical lessons/advice in a new way for improving one's own life with tangible takeaways. With high energy and an engaging presentation style, Yonason captured the audience’s attention and left us all brainstorming with new ways to lead a more fulfilling life."


Mia Mandel​

Project Manager and Senior Designer at Directions In Design, Inc.

St. Louis

"Yonason was a fabulous guest on the ‘Share Your Story’ Podcast in March 2019. His story is incredible, I really enjoyed learning about his journey as a young man discovering the world and the meaning of life and allowing his travels to shape his destiny. His latest mission ‘Ethical Affluence’ is highly commendable and impressive. Yonason has identified what’s needed in our divided world and I would suggest that his sense of direction is 100% on target with this. Thanks for being a great guest on my podcast."

Michael de Groot

Host, Share Your Story Podcast

"Yonason Goldson continues to be a repeat guest on Bill Martinez Live when discussing two critical impact areas of today’s culture in America, communication and ethics.  Communication without ethics is hopeless and a waste of time.  It only defeats our very reason we need to communicate.  His message is experienced and wisdom based and I highly recommend this dynamic and insightful speaker."

Bill Martinez
Nationally Syndicated Radio Host



"Yonason Goldson’s presentation was exhilarating, stimulating, full of life and life’s lessons, wonderful coping mechanisms, ethical, humorous and enlightened; he is a wonderful speaker, a joy to listen to."

Lawrence M. Poger, CLU
Life Member Million Dollar Round Table
St. Louis, MO



"From deep thoughts about history and beauty to popular culture, political commentary and even the occasional brain teaser, Yonason Goldson is a dynamic guest and excellent resource for a radio talk show host. I particularly appreciate Rabbi Goldson’s ability to move between topics, including talking about items which may have come up in the news since booking him as a guest and which I had not asked him to be prepared to discuss."

Ross Kaminsky
Host, The Ross Kaminsky Show
TalkRadio 630 KHOW (Denver)


"Yonason Goldson has been a regular contributor to my program, The Steve Gruber Show for several years. His insight is always timely, well researched and relevant. Yonason delivers with an engaging conversation style no matter the topic. Not only has he been a wealth of information for the listeners he has also been a key source of critical insight for myself as well. His practical and pragmatic approach to complex problems is always well worth considering."


Ivey Gruber

Executive Producer, The Steve Gruber Show


"Yonason Goldson appears each week on our radio program to offer his original and articulate insights, addressing the latest news and views with thoughtful analysis that is always spot on. With his engaging personality, Rabbi Goldson can talk about any topic — from religion to news to pop culture — speaking in a style that makes the complex easily understandable."

James Lowe
Host, The Jiggy Jaguar Show
KJAGRadio/ KMA Entertainment (Hutchinson, Kansas)



“Rabbi Goldson, 


It was a tremendous honor to have you here. Your reading was one of the week’s highlights, and the students have really been buzzing about your appearance. I hope you will consider being with us again!”

Steve Leftridge
Program Coordinator, St. Louis AllWrite Festival


Dear Rabbi Goldson,

“My listeners loved you. They were texting and emailing the entire time you were on.  You’re a calm, steady, intelligent voice … and heaven knows we need more of that, especially now!

Thank you for being so generous with your time and wisdom. I look forward to our next conversation!”

Gail Fallen

Host, The Gail Fallen Show

News/Talk 1310 KFKA Radio (Greely, CO)



"We have had the opportunity to visit with Rabbi Goldson on our show on several occasions, and I have found that regardless of the subject matter, Yonason is always on point, while making for a very relaxed, entertaining interview.  Thanks, Rabbi Goldson!"

Brian Wade
Host, The Brian and Leland Show
Newstalk 102.3 KXYL (Brownwood, TX)



Rabbi Yonason Goldson and I have been collaborating on weekly segments of “Bellows Unplugged” since November 2015. Our corporate branding and philosophy on air is “the intersection of faith and reason.”  No one on the entire network personifies that quality of content better than Rabbi Goldson.

Many segments and conversations on air stand out. Foundational, objective truths are fleshed out in an informative yet highly entertaining fashion. Rabbi Goldson is able to take complex subject matter and make it understandable and relevant to our challenging lives. 

I believe there is no more important content anywhere on the the talk radio dial than “Proverbial Beauty” with Yonason Goldson on “Bellows Unplugged.”  Each week, I look forward with great anticipation to our next on-air meeting.

Clint Bellows
Host, Bellows Unplugged
660 AM & 94.5 FM KCRO (Omaha) on Salem Communications



Rabbi Goldson was a tremendous asset to an interfaith panel on climate change that we hosted earlier this month. He was very well prepared for the discussion and his thoughtful contributions were of great value to the program. We benefited from his insightful examples that both complemented the other speakers’ remarks and extended our own knowledge of the role of environment in Jewish tradition.

Professor Himadri Pakrasi
Director, I-CARES
Washington University in St. Louis



It was my pleasure to speak with Rabbi Yonason Goldson on my program, Drive Time Live on News Talk KSCJ.
We discussed his recent experience as part of a panel discussion, at Washington University in St. Louis, titled “Faith and Climate Change.” I found him to be refreshing in that he left the debate of the “science” of climate change to the scientists and instead shared the Jewish concept of Tikkun Olam (repair the world).
Rabbi Goldson was upbeat and articulate as he shared what he learned at the conference. He shared his thoughts about the Jewish philosophy of the social, scientific and political aspects of the climate change issue.

Mark Hahn
Host, Drive Time Live
News Talk 1360AM/94.9FM KSCJ, Sioux City, Iowa


Rabbi Goldson is a captivating individual, utilizing his own life’s lessons and experiences, incorporating them into informative and relateable wisdom.

Jim Fritz
Gravois Kiwanis Club
St. Louis, Missouri

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