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3 Questions to Avoid Rushing into Disaster

The Ethical Lexicon #14: You won't stay ahead of the curve by abandoning the wisdom of experience

Which do you find more inspiring: The sun rising over the curvature of the earth seen from 40,000 feet, or the petals of a daisy?

Maybe that's entirely the wrong question to ask.

Why are we so afflicted with Shiny New Object Syndrome? Research shows that we set higher expectations for what's familiar and are more forgiving when engaging novelty.

That's fine when it spurs us to expand our horizons, but it's self-destructive when it creates unjustified discontent with what we already have.

Over time, our minds conditions themselves to devalue what we know and have while overvaluing what's around the next corner. True, we might miss the next big thing if we don't jump when the chance appears. But jumping can also prove fatal if we're too impetuous.

What are the mindset shifts we can employ to strike rational balance between adventurousness and prudence?

A good start is to maintain reasonable expectations, weigh risk, and stay grounded in facts.

Click to read this week's column in Fast Company.

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