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6 points to consider before mixing business and politics

Lessons for balancing ethics and professionalism from Sarah Huckabee Sanders


As Sarah Huckabee Sanders prepares to step down from her White House post amidst a hail of hyperbolic vitriol, it might be instructive to look back at a headline from this time last year.

Do you remember the story, when Ms. Sanders and her party were denied service at the Red Hen restaurant?

I do.  I remember rolling my eyes and lamenting the inevitable progression of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Was this really where we’ve come to as a society? If you don’t agree with my political views, you are evil. No shirt, no shoes, no liberal credentials -- no service.

Isn’t it time we all grew up? Can’t we all just agree to disagree? Isn’t the old adage of avoiding the subjects of politics, religion, and money still the best formula for running a successful business?

Maybe. Maybe not.

Click here to find out why.

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