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8 discoveries from my first escape room

1) All of us are smarter than any of us. The answer to every question is often already in the room.

2) Play to your strengths. Each of us naturally gravitates to the tasks we do best. Don’t rely on appointed leaders to do the work for you, and don’t wait for someone else to take charge. When you see an opening you can fill, step forward to fill it.

3) We are all leaders. We are all followers. We are all teammates, colleagues, and collaborators. Wisdom is knowing when to take on which role.

4) We are both individuals and community members. Work alone, then work together. There is no creativity in a vacuum, but creativity incubates in the solitude of the mind.

5) When help is offered, take it; but only when you need it. And never be afraid to ask for help when you do need it.

6) The feeling of victory comes not from “winning” per se, but from the sense of escaping the limitations of the mind. How many prisons do we construct for ourselves, or allow other to construct and thereby imprison us?

7) We take freedom for granted. Freedom is not a goal; it is opportunity to make choices and, ultimately, to decide for ourselves when to relinquish our freedom in pursuit of higher purpose.

8) The clock is always ticking. Get moving. Now!

Hat tip: Lethia Owens for designing a compelling virtual escape room.

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