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A rabbi and a shrink walk into a bar...

Enjoy this profile of our insightful and groundbreaking podcast

When is it OK to mislead, deceive or outright lie? What causes hate? How should a person deal with a friend or relative who dismisses COVID-19 protection?

A weekly podcast tackles these weighty questions — and some lighter ones. “The Rabbi and the Shrink” podcast is all about ethics. St. Louis area Rabbi Yonason Goldson offers his take on ethics from the perspective of Jewish values and the Torah. His partner (the shrink) is Dr. Margarita Gurri, a Catholic Cuban psychologist who taps into her practical side during their lively chats.

Their podcast launched early this year, and the pair is building an audience by taking on any subject that can uncover the secrets of successful relationships in business, family and community.

Please click to read the whole interview.

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