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A View from the Belly of the Whale

The most impactful moments catch us unexpected but not unaware.

Awkwardness. Tension. Unease. Discomfort. Embarrassment.

Don't we go to extraordinary lengths to avoid situations that produce these feelings?

Obviously, right?

Or maybe not.

As the poet said, a harp string produces heavenly music, but only when it is under tension. Lying alone untethered from the harp, it produces no music at all.

Which means that it is cut off from the purpose of its existence.

Perhaps we should embrace the tension and discomfort. After all, all the gurus tell us that we have to get out of our comfort zones.

I certainly had to step out of mine last week.

How ironic that the most memorable episode of an inspirational conference was the moment I had to leave.

Please click to read about it here.

Image by Jan Brzeziński from Pixabay

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