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All roads lead nowhere

Have you ever spent more time looking for a movie on Netflix than actually watching one?

Have you ever stood in a drug store paralyzed by indecision as you face an entire wall of toothbrushes or three dozen varieties of spaghetti sauce?

Overwhelmed by a deluge of irrelevant choices, is it any wonder that so many of us stumble when faced with ethical dilemmas?

This is the phenomenon called "decision-fatigue."

It's the reason why smart people do stupid things.

It's the reason Steve Jobs wore only black turtlenecks and jeans... one less decision to make every morning was one less choice to deplete his reservoir of good judgment.

Maimonides taught the good habits are the foundation of successful living. By disciplining ourselves, we eliminate trivial choices and retain greater capacity to make the right choices when our decisions really matter.

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