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Amplify Your Mind podcast

Thanks to Ricky Kalmon for the opportunity to engage in compelling ideas and deep thoughts on his podcast. Here are a few interview highlights:

"There’s nothing like being part of a group of people who are engaged in a conversation that matters… trying to get to the heart of who we are as human beings and what we want to create as a cohesive society."

"Discussing ethical dilemmas, thinking about them, being self aware -- that’s what enables us to meet these challenges when they arise in our lives in whatever form they take."

"I can’t give you a list or a program of ethical decisions. The best I can do… the best we can do together… is cultivating an ethical mindset, an attitude of ethics."

"If we aren’t flexible, if we don’t look beyond, then habit becomes a kind of prison for us where we refuse to engage in critical thinking that may challenge views that are incomplete or no longer relevant or perhaps incorrect from the beginning."

Listen to the whole interview by clicking here.

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