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Be A Force podcast

Many thanks to Melissa Lopez for inviting me on her Be A Force podcast. Melissa’s sparkling personality and irrepressible energy made for a lively and enjoyable interview.

Here are a few highlights:

“As you go through life, sometimes you’ll look back and you’ll find so much more meaning, so much more substance in what you went through then there seemed to be at the time.”

“Sometimes truth isn’t what I want to hear, and sometimes truth isn’t what I want to believe; but if I’m a person of integrity, I will accept the truth whatever it is.”

“We often absorb our ideas from our environment without working through the logical steps to confirm that the values we believe are truly worth believing.”

“When we try to avoid conflict and struggle, we do ourselves a tremendous disservice by preventing ourselves from growing into the people we have the potential to become.”

To hear the whole interview, click here.

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