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Crossing the cultural divide

Free to Be podcast interview with Cordelia Gaffar.

Thank you to Cordelia Gaffar for inviting me on her Free to Be podcast.

We didn't agree on everything, but we reached across the cultural divide and found common ground through mutual respect and ethical communication.

Some of the ideas we discussed were:

Life is about relationship.

Life is about relationships and by default ethics.

You don’t have to choose between doing good and being better!

We explore:

Diversity and Inclusion ethics (diversity without inclusion people descend into tribalism)

The duality of great men Harry Truman/ Roosevelt/ King (Judge the whole person)

Eastern/Judaism/Islam/Yin (feminine) Yang (masculine)

You must Shift seamlessly between the two so that you build trust with your staff and enroll your employees into a culture of trust.

Especially listen on the points of:

Optics and history 28:00 - 30:00


Systemic Racism Now vs pre-Jim Crow 38:05 - 40

Click here to watch and listen

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