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Daily New Years podcast

Thanks to Austin Bollinger for inviting me on his Daily New Years podcast. Austin led a thoughtful conversation diving deeper into topics from my TED talk, the need for ethical communication and the danger of labels. Here are a few excerpts:

“When you put a tremendous amount of effort and planning and training and preparation and practice and feedback -- when you get the final product you have the confidence that puts you in the groove.”

“You can look at the same situation from different angles -- you can see it bland, you can see it negative, you can see it positive, you can see it serious, you can see it funny.”

“It’s not the newness of the idea, it’s the newness of the presentation… it’s finding a way of taking an old or established idea and rephrasing or reframing it so that it sounds new.”

“What’s the definition of a good person? Someone who’s trying to be a better person.”

“I’m not interested in being told what I want to hear. I’m interested in being told something I haven’t thought of yet.”

“If I’m wrong, I’d like to know that I’m wrong so I can start being right.”

Click here to listen to the podcast:

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