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Do You Want to be a Real Man? Put on a Dress.

Dustin Hoffman and the Miracle of Purim

There's a universal message in each of the Jewish holidays. This evening, we celebrate the Festival of Purim, commemorating the thwarting of the first Final Solution.

Nearly 2400 years ago, the King of Persia and his wicked viceroy, Haman, conceived a plot to exterminate the entire Jewish people in a single day.

In an instant, however, a long series of apparent and disconnected coincidences coalesced into a dramatic turnabout. The nefarious viceroy was executed, his plan was annulled, and the Jews rejoiced in their providential victory.

The holiday teaches us about contrasting styles of leadership, the dangers of ideology, the folly of revenge, the virtue of patience, and the importance of trust.

It also offers a fascinating insight into how we can achieve self-knowledge by pretending to be someone else.

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