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Embrace the Gift of Boredom

With endless distraction at our fingertips, consider the benefit of being bored

Are you bored? That might be a good thing.

The latter-day philosopher Martin Heidegger articulated two distinct kinds of boredom. Understanding the difference and interrelationship between the two might be key to utilizing boredom as a springboard to innovation and productivity.

On the one hand, the human brain is designed for laziness. Inactivity preserves resources, so some deep-rooted survival instinct inclines us toward zero-expenditure of energy.

On the other hand, our soul is designed for growth and aspiration, longing for the intangible thrill of accomplishment that comes from pursuit of purpose.

When those two impulses clash, the result is boredom, the nervous tension that arises from wanting to do something meaningful without expending any effort to do it.

So what can we do about it?

That's the topic of today's posting in Change Your Mind, Change Your Life.


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