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Ethics begins where compliance ends

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Thanks to Diane Helbig for our interview on her Accelerate your Business Growth podcast.

Here are a few excepts:

Ethics is recognizing our place in the world and the impact our actions have on those around us. Because ethics is all about relationships, and relationships are the foundation of success.

If I’m in compliance I can exempt myself from the responsibility of evaluating what’s right, and then we lose the moral sensitivity that allows us to form relationships that build communities that thrive and prosper.

As human beings, we’re going to make mistakes. An ethical mindset encourages us to develop our mental muscles so that we can make better ethical decisions over time.

When you don’t act ethically, you encourage others to act less ethically as well.

When leaders trust employees by empowering them with responsibility and autonomy, they create a culture of success and enhance customer experience.

If I don’t understand your position, how can I be sure you’re wrong? And if I don’t understand why you disagree with me, how can I be sure I’m right?

If you don’t have different perspectives, then you don’t know if you’re anywhere near the truth. The more I understand another person’s point of view, the better equipped I am to understand my own.

Which books are most often stolen from or not returned to the philosophy section of the library? Books on ethics. If we aren’t diligent, what we know has no effect on our behavior.

Click here to listen.

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