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Ever enough?

The sages say that when a person who wants 100 gets 100 he immediately wants 200.

They also identify the one who is rich as the one who is happy with what he has. Happy doesn't mean satisfied. It means recognizing that I have everything I need right now to accomplish what the world needs me to do right now. It means I have all I need to fulfill the purpose for which I was created.

It's fine to want more. But more what? More comfort? More status? More power?

Pursing happiness is like pursuing the back of the car in front of you speeding down the highway. Catching it will make you anything but happy.

We all have a purpose. Seeking and discovering that purpose, then pursuing its fulfillment with honor and authenticity, that is the road to happiness.

And being grateful for every moment of opportunity we have to travel that road is the way we enjoy the journey.

Image by DreamyArt from Pixabay

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