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Fix Your Broken Windows

A 12-Step System for Promoting Ethical Affluence

New release -- available now at Amazon

What is ethical affluence?

• Winning the race without ruining your name.

• Reaching the top without throwing others over the cliff.

• Achieving your dreams without selling your soul.

Good intentions are a good start; but there’s a famous road paved with those. Small problems grow into large problems, and large problems lead to disaster. But if little problems swell into tsunamis, why can’t little fixes turn the tide?

Sometimes, you need a plan. Other times, all you need is a reminder to do what you already know you should be doing. Practice becomes habit, and good habits are the recipe for real, positive change.

These pages will introduce you to a practical system of ethics, communication, and personal responsibility that will transform any professional or social community into one defined by engagement, enthusiasm, and prosperity.

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