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Holistic Health Matters podcast interview

Thanks to David Sandstrom for a deep conversation about personal values that are founded in faith. Here are a few highlights:

When I make the world I live in a better place, then I benefit by getting to live in the better world that I created.

Mark Twain said, if you if you tell the truth, you can have a lousy memory.

In Hebrew, the word for #peace is #shalom. But the real translation of shalom is #harmony. And harmony is when everything is in place, and everything is doing its job.

Think about a #symphony orchestra, you have dozens of different types of instruments, playing different notes. And yet it all comes together as a single piece of music, a single performance, that's harmony, and there is nothing better for us, or that feels better than to be in harmony, with our community, with our world and with ourselves.

It's not all about my #rights. It's about my #responsibilities to the #society I live in.

Please click to listen.

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