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Innovation in compliance podcast interview

Thanks to Tom Fox for inviting me to join him in a thoughtful conversation about creating a culture of ethics. Here are a few takeaways:

Trust – the Key to Business Success

“When you create a culture of trust, that generates loyalty, it generates passion, it generates productivity… The employees are engaged and want to give their all… And so they’re looking for opportunities to prove themselves by doing the best they can.

"And you have a company culture that thrives, it’s vibrant, it’s exciting. People want to come to work, and success is a foregone conclusion.”

“Companies that are ranked highest for ethics, they grow faster than average, employees report being more satisfied, being more energized, being more loyal, recommending this job to friends and family.”

Listening Is a Key Leadership Skill

“The more discussion there is looking from every possible angle, the more likely it is that the conclusions and the decisions that we reach are going to be the best possible conclusions and decisions that we can reach.”

Lessons from Coronavirus

Everything you do matters: the essence of ethics is to be aware of how your actions affect the world around you.

  1. Protect your ethical health: behavior is infectious.

  2. What you don’t see can hurt you.

  3. We need each other.

  4. Don’t wait for the next epidemic.

Secrets of Ethical Affluence

You can become ethically affluent by minding the CoDE of ethics. Yonason explains that this acronym stands for Communication, Diversity, and Ethics.

“Diversity is not just cultural or ethnic diversity, it’s intellectual diversity. It’s having people coming from different points of view… and different experiences… That intellectual diversity stimulates thought and new ideas…”

Click here to listen to the interview.

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