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One big Tip podcast interview

Thanks to Jeff Mendelson, MBA for inviting me on his One Big Tip podcast. Here are a few excerpts:

You have to talk to people who think differently from you. That’s fundamental to intellectual integrity and intellectual diversity.

An integer is a whole number. A person of integrity is a whole person. My values have to pervade every aspect of my life by aspiring toward perfection.

I can’t have integrity part time. It doesn’t mean I’m perfect. Every day I’m trying to apply the principles I believe in, knowing that I’m going to make mistakes and taking responsibility for those mistakes.

Do you remember the old Ivory soap commercial? 99 44/100 percent pure. You know what that’s another name for? Impure!

Employees want to work in a place where they feel respected, empowered, trusted, and making a contribution to something important.

If you tell your people that you’re committed to a certain ideal and a certain culture, and they don’t believe that that’s happening, they’re not going to be committed to providing a great customer experience.

Click to listen.

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