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Randomness may save your life

Do you know which is farther east -- New York City or Caracas Venezuela?

Does it matter? More than you might think.

Our brains like order and symmetry, so our subconscious minds distort our perception of reality, even when we know better.

This might explain a recent study by researchers at Texas A&M who discovered a correlation between the shape of city parks and mortality rates. If you live in a neighborhood with an irregularly shaped green space, your chances of a longer and healthier life go up.

Unpredictability and disorder that force our brains to work hard, to become more nimble, and to grow. The same way that our bodies get soft if we don’t visit the gym after we leave our jobs, our brains can get flabby if we don’t exercise them with the unfamiliar.

How can we apply this same principle to our daily lives in a way that provides us with more successful work and healthier relationships?

That’s what this short video is all about.


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