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Seek safe harbor from the storm of social media

What would you think of a system specifically designed to promote extremism, divisiveness, partisanship, social discord, and ideological conflict?

Well, there is a name for it:

Social media.

YouTube may be the biggest offender, with algorithms that feed us a diet of videos calculated to nudge us continuously farther to the right or to the left, whatever our natural predilection. But every platform conspires to seize hold of our attention in ways that encourage the lesser angels of our nature.

Without the checks and balances implicit in face-to-face interaction, it’s easy for us to relax our filters, to become more assertive in our opinions, more aggressive in our expression, and less concerned with the consequences of our words.

With limitless online communities to choose from, we can easily find like-minded cohorts to assure us that there is no legitimate perspective other than our own.


Or, we can exercise the self-discipline to take back control of the images and information that enters our minds, filter out the noise and corrosive ideologies, and reclaim mastery over our thoughts and aspirations.

Start right now to seek safe harbor by anchoring yourself to friends of quality and companions of discernment, by attaching yourself to purveyors of authentic wisdom who will shelter you from the relentless storm of willful confusion.

What’s one small choice you can make today to hold yourself above the fray?

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