TEDx: Hitchhiking, Fundamentalism, and the Art of Ethical Communication

At long last, #TEDxStJohnsUniversity became reality.

Many thanks to organizer #NeeleshRastogi and his team for making it happen. And my own personal thanks to all those who took the time to offer their advice and help me refine my message and my presentation. They include, in no particular order: #RabbiSimchaWeinberg, #JeremyFlagg, #SydChase, #ToddDewett, PhD, #TamsenWebster, #HayleyFoster, #SteveEpner, #MaxineMirowitz, #HillelAbramson, as well as the friends and neighbors who gave me an audience in front of whom to practice.

Please watch for the video once the TED curators have it ready to go.

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