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The Human Risk Podcast interview

Thanks to Christian Hunt for hosting a lively and penetrating conversation about how the values of ethics build a culture of success. Here are a few excerpts:

If you try to seize short term payoffs at the expense of long term values, you’re going to undermine your own success and lose whatever you think you’ve gained.

What happened? How did we get here? Nobody likes it, we can’t do anything about it, and it keeps getting worse.

Eventually, people’s attraction to integrity may drive them to coalesce around the values of authentic character.

When you have a common enemy, our petty differences become irrelevant and we pull together as a matter of survival. Then we defeat the enemy and become victims of our own success by dividing ourselves up again.

Friedrich Hegel said that the great lesson of history is that no one learns from it. It’s time we started learning the lessons that can save us from ourselves.

During COVID, you can’t be making long term plans because you have to respond to the facts on the ground. But you also have to be thinking long term, because you have to be ready for when life begins to return to normal.

Who decides what’s right, especially when ethical decisions are typically choices between right and right or between wrong and wrong? We need to work toward consensus and toward prioritizing in order to create an ethically healthy society.

If we focus on our responsibilities before we focus on our rights, we won't be bumping into each other all the time.

Click here to listen.

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