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The Maverick Paradox podcast

Thanks to Judith Germain for inviting me on her podcast. Her unapologetic commitment to intellectual #integrity and resisting the pull of groupthink made us natural soulmates. Here are a few excerpts:

“We all want to use our unique talents, abilities, resources, and opportunities to fulfill our individual potential and make the world a better place.”

“Who gets to program the AI to make life and death decisions? And are we not sacrificing some of our humanity when we give machines the power to make those decisions?”

“Business has to be more than just a money-making enterprise; it has to have a podcast. We all have to have a sense of purpose. That’s what gives us the feeling of fulfillment that brings us joy. If employees buy into the purpose of their business, they will be passionate about their jobs, which they will communicate to clients and customers.”

“Human beings are locked in a perpetual battle between short-term gain and long-term gain. What are the two most profitable books? Cook books and diet books.”

“Being ethical does not mean making the right choice every time. It means struggling with ethical conflicts so that we strengthen our ethical muscles so we can do better next time. That’s how we move the ball down the field.”

“The sages teach: Be deliberate in judgment. We have to make judgments, but we can’t rush to judgment. We have to make sure we see the whole picture first.”

Click here to listen.

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