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The Newest Arrival

Beyond cynicism, turning toward hope

My son is getting married?

Someone wants to marry him?

She's a nice girl?

Who would've thought?

Two years later...

5:24 pm Sign off weekly live stream 5:29 pm. Hurry downstairs for short workout 5:48 pm. Run upstairs and pack up dinner to take to Mom's 5:54 pm Pull out of garage to catch afternoon prayer 6:31 pm Arrive at Mom's apartment with dinner 6:32 pm. Mom asks, "So how does it feel having a new granddaughter?" 6:32:10. "Huh?"

A new generation arrives in the world, and the future looks a little bit brighter.

Welcome baby Maia.

Her name comes from the Hebrew word mayan, which means wellspring -- the source of water, which is the source of life.

One of the first lessons we learn in scripture is that it is not good that human beings should live alone.

We need family, neighbors, and community.

We need friendship and we need love.

Just like water is the source of physical life, close, caring relationships are the source of emotional and spiritual life.

Our connection to others is what makes life worth living. It’s what allows us to develop our capacity for kindness, empathy, and compassion so we can emulate our Creator.

May this new, precious soul -- and each of us -- be a source of life and light, spreading compassion and joy throughout the world.

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