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The Power to Succeed Is Staring You in The Face

A moment of reflection lets you to tap into the potential for greatness you never knew you had

“My life changed. And all because of a pig.”

Those are the words of award-winning actor James Cromwell. He took a job he didn’t want, delivered his 16 lines, and came to the final scene.

When he looked into the camera, he saw his reflection in the camera lens. But it was not himself that he saw. In make-up, he saw the image of an older man. He saw the image of his father.

And the words of approval his character gave to Babe, the porcine star of the movie, came back to him like a message from a different generation.

Even more remarkable, is that the story has a Biblical precedent.

This Sabbath, Jewish congregations around the world will read from the Torah scroll the story of Joseph, son of the patriarch Jacob.

Hated and envied by his brothers, Joseph was sold into slavery, where his master’s wife attempted to seduce him. So relentless were her advances that Joseph was on the brink of giving in when he saw the image of his father in the window, which gave him the strength to resist and save himself from sin.

What does the story mean, and how are the ancient and modern narratives more deeply connected?

That is the topic of this article.

Where have you found your source of inner strength and resolution?

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