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Think twice before you take advice

The Ethical Lexicon #13: don't put too much faith in (non) experts

What do a painter of ancient Greece, recently elected representative George Santos, and subatomic particle decay have in common? That's the topic of this week's column in Fast Company.

To paraphrase Syndrome from The Incredibles: "When everyone is an expert, nobody is."

Living in the information age, it's easy to convince ourselves that everything is known and knowable. It's a short step from determining that all knowledge and wisdom is within our grasp to concluding that we've already seized hold of it.

Reality check: that may not be true even for "experts." It's worth remembering what Abraham Lincoln said: Don't believe everything you read on the internet.

Do you have a strong opinion about climate change, Covid vaccines, or why Damar Hamlin collapsed on the football field? What credentials entitle you to hold any opinion at all?

It doesn't matter when we live in the post-truth era.

The one true fact that seems to elude many of us is the damage bad information can do to a business strategy, a brand image, and a reputation, while sabotaging the opportunities that lead to success.

So how do we recover our bearings so we can proceed with clarity?

Please click here to find out.

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