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A new lesson from an old story

We all know the story of the three little pigs, the classic fable that teaches the virtues of planning and discipline to provide security against the unknown dangers that lie ahead. But there’s a darker, more insidious message within this children’s tale. It suggests that our fate lies solely in our hands, that if we build mighty structures of brick or steel we can reside safely within our strongholds with nothing to fear.

This week, Jews all over the world celebrate the Festival of Sukkos by moving out of our houses into little booths made of wood or fabric and covered over with the most insubstantial shafts of bamboo or palm leaves. After the intensity of the High Holidays, we now enjoy the pleasant refuge of the sukkah, quietly reflecting on the life our ancestors lived over 3300 years ago as they wandered through the Sinai desert on their way to the home that awaited them in the land of Israel.

Enjoy this short video to discover a Sukkos insight for all of us.

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