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Why Trump's defeat is a mixed blessing

Joe Biden's victory is cause for hope and dismay; but not for the reasons most people think

From the outset of his candidacy in 2016, no one doubted that Donald Trump, if elected, would be a president like no other. It’s also no surprise that the nation has been cheering, mourning, and rebelling against November’s election results which will, barring unexpected court rulings, dispatch President Trump from the White House on January 20.

But amidst the one-sided reportage from both right and left, the paradox of his reign as Chief Executive has been lost in the haze of idol-worship on one side and Trump Derangement Syndrome on the other.

What is — or should be — undeniable is this: as Administrator-in-Chief, Donald Trump can legitimately claim an impressive list of achievements, perhaps more than any president since Harry Truman.

His record alone should make him one of the most popular presidents in history, especially considering that 55% of Americans report that their lives have improved under his administration. And yet, despite all there is to admire in his presidency, Donald Trump has one fatal flaw:

He’s Donald Trump.

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