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Your life has been cancelled by (oxy)morons

News of the Day -- Episode #11

Mimi Groves who, as a high school freshman in 2016 posted a politically incorrect, racially insensitive Snapchat message after passing her driving test. It was reposted three years later by a social justice warrior, scuttling her college plans and upending her life.

It’s hard to know who’s the biggest villain in the story: the vindictive youth who resurfaced an old post, the spineless college admissions officers who lacked the integrity to stand up for an unfairly targeted teenage girl, the trolls who have weaponized the past and outlawed the very concept of repentance or redemption, or the New York Times, which ran an article lionizing the “whistleblower” and applauding the long arm of justice and just desserts.

Click to watch.

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