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Ethics creates trust.  Trust promotes loyalty.  Loyalty generates passion.  Passion drives productivity.

Life is not meant to be perfect.

Life is meant to be perfected.

Respect the boundaries of the world, even as you strive to break through the boundaries of your own mind.

Make every little decision as if it has giant consequences… because it does.

Often, compliance is the enemy of ethics.

It is not our job to prevail over darkness, but to ensure that darkness does not prevail over light.


Become a player in the symphony of creation.

What is a human being, if not a repository for the coexistence of opposing impulses?

Pretend to be the person you ought to be.

In time, you won’t have to pretend anymore.

Better yourself, better the world.

Better the world, better yourself.

Power should be denied to those who seek it.


When you dilute your work, you dilute your worth.

Intellect and stupidity are not mutually exclusive.

One may fall off the roof or into the mud,

but not into love.

Boredom results from the clash between ambition and laziness.

Without trust there can be no closeness.

Without closeness there can be no knowledge.  Without knowledge there can be no intimacy.  Without intimacy there can be no trust.


Sincerity is the most effective form of manipulation.

What greater loyalty could we hope for than friends willing to stand in our way when they see us wandering off the reservation? 


It is far less painful to be left to our own folly than to face the need for changing course.


The greatest beauty makes itself known while hiding from plain sight.

The most effective way we can rebuke others is by making ourselves models of proper conduct.


It is our lack of satisfaction that makes it possible for us to be happy.

Only when we allow others close enough to hurt us do we learn to trust and to love.

Every act transforms us, and the sum of our actions defines us.  Over the course of a lifetime, we can continuously re-create ourselves for the better.


Wisdom is the light that dispels uncertainty and imbues us with the confidence to carry on.


Those who serve only themselves remain forever in the shadows of history.

You can never truly know another’s mind unless you can see his face.


For a committed student, there is no honor greater than knowing that he has met his master’s expectations.


Political correctness is weaponized civility.

There is no easier way to validate another’s value as a person and break down the barriers that divide us one from the other than with a smile.


Perpetual conflict is the essence of our humanity.

Like the fabric of the universe, there are no limits to the depths of the human soul.


What the cynic and the hypocrite have in common

is their contempt for authenticity.


Etiquette is the art of social ethics.

It is the unknown that provides excitement,

the challenge of discovery, the persistent hope

of unbounded possibilities.


We strive alone, yet we strive together.

Such is the definition of love, the ideal of commitment, and the secret of happiness.


Without life’s peaks and valleys, without the imperfections in the world around us and in ourselves, our lives would be infinitely poorer, less rewarding, and less filled with joy.


The ripples from our actions travel farther

than we can imagine.

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Political correctness is weaponized civi
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