Ethics Keynote Speaker

Build trust.  Inspire loyalty.
Generate passion.  Increase prosperity.

I work with business leaders to create a culture of ethics that earns trust, sparks initiative, and limits liability.

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How do ethical leaders influence culture?

Rabbi Yonason Goldson

The keynote speaker with 3000 years' experience

"Yonason is the coolest and funniest rabbi I’ve ever met. I love him!"
Jennifer Darling, ICF Certified Coach, Trainer & Author

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What's the worst mistake a leader can make?
Believing you have to choose between being good and being successful.


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“Most entertaining ethics presentation I’ve ever heard in 30 years.”

CJ Gallihugh, Behavioral Interventions, Inc.

Indiana Association of Behavioral Consultants

"In an era of meeting-fatigue, Yonason kept us engaged with practical takeaways that resonated with the attendees."

Joyce Weru, DC SHRM

"The power, depth, and applicability of his message, coupled with his soothing but compelling tone, kept the audience engaged throughout."

Alex Ihama, Executive Director

Canadian Congress on Inclusive Diversity & Workplace Equity

Learn how 3000 years of ancient wisdom can subdue your challenges in the modern world and workplace.
Ethics Keynote Speaker

Engage the power of ethical leadership

  • Eliminate the Causes of a Toxic Workplace

  • Inspire Passion, Loyalty, and Cooperation

  • Energize Your Team and Make Your Brand Image Shine

Forge unity through ethical intelligence
  • Bridge Differences to Construct a Culture of Collaboration
  • Harness Diverse Talents to Create a Cohesive Community
  • Build a Society of Partnership Greater than the Sum of its Parts
Ethics training
Ethics workshop
Big payoffs through ethical communication
  • Good Habits Promote Healthy and Vibrant Workplaces
  • Simple Principles of Clear Communication Ensure Understanding
  • Affect Positive Changes to Transform Your Organization
Are you one of the 58 percent?

What do employees want most from a job today?  A boss they can trust.

But 58% of employees report they would trust a total stranger more than their own boss.


Ethical Leadership Keynote Speaker
 Ethics Community and Culture

"You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with."

~Jim Rohn

Ethics is all about community.

That's why I've created a community for aspirational leaders who want to reap the rewards of ethical colleague and collaborators.

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The ethics keynote speaker with 3000 years' experience

Tel: 314-489-5380

What's your story?  Here's mine.

"Yonason's virtual presentation was EXCELLENT! It surpassed even my lofty expectations. His program was both highly relevant to today's environment AND timeless.
Thank you, Yonason!"

Kristin Bolton, Vice President, Fidelity National Title


Grappling with the Gray


Only by investigating all sides and contemplating every angle can we improve decision-making skills, build more trusting relationships, and help create a more ethical world.

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The Rabbi & the Shrink

An unpredictable podcast about everyday ethics and the secrets for successful relationships in business, family, and community with Rabbi Yonason Goldson and Dr. Margarita Gurri, CSP

Always remember:

Good ethics is good business.

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Do you or your people need continuing education credits?


To renew your certification, you must have one hour of ethics training every three years. This free 60-minute program fulfills the requirement for association executives.


You won't find a more engaging and entertaining program that holds your attention while arming you with useful tools for ethical dilemma decisions.

Grab it here.  Yes, it's free!

Founding member of the Kotel Business community, a collaborative of professionals dedicated to applying ethics as a competitive advantage in business.​

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