Ethics creates trust.

Trust promotes loyalty.

Loyalty generates passion.

Passion drives productivity.

Did you know that what employees want most from their job is a boss they can trust?  Do your people see you as an ethical leader?


Do they trust you?  Do they love where they are and what they're doing? Or are they biding their time until something better comes along?

Imagine replacing distraction, disengagement, and conflict with passion, purpose, and productivity.  Yonason Goldson's ethics keynote will teach you and your team the 3000-year-old secrets to do it.

It all comes down to this:  good ethics is good business.

Yonason Golson

“Most entertaining ethics presentation I’ve ever heard in 30 years.”

CJ Gallihugh, Behavioral Interventions, Inc.

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"Wow... captivating, interesting, thoughtful, and profound."

Patricia Fripp, CSP, Hall of Fame Speaker

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Why choose Rabbi Yonason Goldson to speak at your event? 

The annual loss of productivity in the United States from unhealthy company culture is estimated at a staggering:

  • $550 billion due to employee disengagement

  • $359 billion due to workplace conflict


What's the real cost to you?

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Blend together the colorful and entertaining stories from a lifetime of service and adventure with 3000 years of ancient wisdom, and what do you get -- an ethics speaker who offers a treasury of electrifying insights and practical guidance that will help your community thrive.

"From the time Yonason stepped on stage to the time he ended it, the audience was excited, engaged, and listening."

Bob Kittridge, Behavior Performance Consultant

Kittridge Connection, Inc., Colorado Springs

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What will you take away from Yonason's keynotes and presentations?

  • A road-map for enhancing enthusiasm, loyalty, and productivity

  • Skills for ethical communication

  • Refreshingly humorous stories

  • Unique, interactive content 

  • Motivation to apply the principles of personal and professional success 

"Hitchhiking, Fundamentalism, and the

Art of Ethical Communication"


"How I Became my own Worst Nightmare."

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Videos and Reviews

“I highly recommend this dynamic and insightful speaker.”
Bill Martinez, Nationally syndicated radio host

“Exhilarating, stimulating, full of life and life’s lessons… a joy to listen to.”
Lawrence M. Poger, CLU, Life Member,

Million Dollar Round Table, St. Louis

“BRILLIANT… I was blown away.  Bravo!”
Crane Durham, 
Nationally syndicated radio host

“Highly intelligible [with] a sense of humor that works well engaging audiences.”
Peter H. Raven

President Emeritus

Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis

"Loved it… best of the conference!"

"Excellent presentation; very engaging. I did not look at my cell phone once."

"Thank you for a wonderful presentation! Truly enlightening!"

Missouri Healthcare Association

Always remember:

Good ethics is good business.

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